Sommers AWOL From GI Joe Sequel?

He appears to have yanked the eject cord

Sommers AWOL From GI Joe Sequel?

by James White |
Published on

Okay, remember when we reported on word that Stephen Sommers was ready to commit to making the G.I. Joe Sequel?And that we said those of you who didn’t like the first film could rend your clothing and gnash your teeth, while those who did could celebrate (or words to that effect)? Looks like you’ll have to switch those reactions around as the LA Times has dug up information that suggests Sommers won’t now be returning.

There’s no official announcement from Joe studio Paramount just yet (the only response was a “no comment,” apparently) but the paper’s team have heard from agents who represent filmmakers that their clients have been approached about taking on the job and that Sommers is no longer attached.

Rumours did circulate when the first film was in post-production that the director had been clashing with studio executives, but that was swiftly denied and largely forgotten when it went on to score a decent box office return despite some seriously dodgy reviews.

We’ll wait and see if this latest development is reversed, but for now it seems that all the Joe follow-up has in its favour is a script by Zombieland’s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and a forlorn, empty director’s chair with a Help Wanted sign hanging off the back. Wonder who they'll get to fill the void. Given how the Mummy franchise went, Rob Cohen's probably polishing his pitch right now...

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