Something In The Dirt Trailer Takes Justin Benson And Aaron Moorhead Back To Indie Weirdness

Something In The Dirt

by Ben Travis |
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For a duo who have made a few (interconnected) movies about cults, it’s fitting that filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have gathered something of a cult following. From The Endless and Resolution, to Spring and their most recent outing Synchronic, the pair have made a name for themselves as purveyors of distinctive and reliably excellent little weirdo indie sci-fi-horror movies. And if you thought that them joining the MCU family (Benson and Moorhead helmed a couple of Moon Knight episodes, and are leading the directorial team on Loki Season 2) might mean an end to their low-budget oddities, thankfully you’re wrong – somehow, amid all of that, they’ve cooked up a new one titled Something In The Dirt. Check out the trailer here:

The pair have taken a typically hands-on approach for this film, as with their previous works – credited as directors, writers, producers, and editors. And like The Endless, they’re the stars of this one too – not that the trailer gives away who they’re playing. This is a creepy, cryptic trailer but with all kinds of Benson and Moorhead hallmarks. Weird stuff dug up in the desert? Check. Trippy visuals? Check. Circles in the sky? Check. In fact, it sparks all sorts of questions – will this be a standalone movie? Is it connected to the world of The Endless and Resolution, or maybe Synchronic? Or, somehow, a bridge between all three? For now, we simply have this synopsis to go on: “Two new neighbours witness what seems to be a supernatural event in one of their apartments. At first terrified, they realise that documenting this phenomenon could provide them the lives they’ve always dreamed of.”

Oh, and here’s the poster:

Stay tuned for more information around when this hits UK screens. It’s set to arrive in the US this November, so hopefully a release over here won’t be far off then. Bring on the weirdness.

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