Sofia Boutella On For Fahrenheit 451

Sofia Boutella

by James White |
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Between this week's The Mummy and the upcoming Atomic Blonde, Sofia Boutella is having a busy summer. She's now landed another gig, albeit one that won't see screens for a while: the new, HBO-backed version of Fahrenheit 451.

Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon are already aboard the film, which Ramin Bahrani and Amir Naderi have been busy developing for the US cable channel's film division.

Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel paints a dystopian picture of a world where history is outlawed, books are banned, and other media is used as an opiate to keep the masses placid. Here, "Firemen" work in teams to destroy any rogue printed matter.

Jordan is playing Montag, a fire team member who turns against his society's warped rules and has to battle his mentor Beatty (Shannon) to regain his humanity. Boutella will be Clarisse, an informant caught between the two.

As mentioned, Boutella is the title character in The Mummy, out on Friday and is also playing a naive spy in Atomic Blonde, which hits UK cinemas on 11 August. She recently joined Drew Pearce's near-future thriller Hotel Artemis

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