Sneakers: latest film to be developed as TV series


by Ed Gross |
Published on

Given the cyber-intrigue surrounding the U.S. election and the recent temporary partial shutdown of Twitter and Netflix among others, it isn't surprising that network execs would be hungry for projects that could tap into growing fears. Earlier in the week it was Enemy Of The State, and now 1992's Robert Redford-starrer Sneakers is next in line for the TV series treatment.

The show is being produced by husband and wife Walter Parkes and Laurie McDonald, along with The Mentalist's Tom Szentgyrogi, who will be writing the script and will likely serve as showrunner. Parkes co-wrote the original film, which focuses on hacker Martin Bishop (Redford), who has brought together a team who hire themselves out to test the security of different companies. They're approached by NSA agents who want them to retrieve a revolutionary decoder that has the capability of breaking any encryption code. Naturally nothing is as it seems and Bishop's team find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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