Smith Slams Dogma

Director joins the protestors

by Willow Green |
Published on

One thing the Dogma protestors can't level at writer/director Kevin Smith is a failure to listen to their complaints. This weekend saw Smith go amongst a bunch of outraged citizens milling around outside his local theatre in Eatontown, posing as a fellow protestor. Holding two banners - one reading 'To Hell with Dogma' and the other 'Dogma is Dog-shit', Smith spent an hour saying prayers with the group - at no time revealing who he really was. 'I was even interviewed by a local news crew, but not as myself,' said Smith. Telling the crew that he was angry about the movie and wouldn't be paying to see it, the director couldn't help adding that 'I liked the director's first film a little'. The night wasn't all fun and game for Smith, though. 'After the Rosary I got a chance to talk to some of the people in attendance (again, not wanting to ruin their night I didn't say "Hi- I made Dogma")...I was told some nasty things about my parents and some nastier things about myself (or rather the director).' When Smith's colleague asked whether any of the protestors had actually seen the movie 'Some mentioned reading a review, but that was about as close as they got.' 'They seemed nice enough, though,' maintains Smith, adding that he wasn't upset by their protest. 'However I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that they didn't have any donuts or coffee out there.'

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