Were Sly and Maddie on the Hit-List?

Worse than the Razzies.

by empire |
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Alleged Gianni Versace murderer Andrew Cunanan, who we reported had the names of Leonardo DiCaprio and John Travolta in his 'little black book', may also have had Sylvester Stallone and Madonna in his sights. Sly told Time magazine that he was notified by the F.B.I. that Cunanan had made inquiries to a bartender about his and Madonna's activities in Miami. Time also reveals that an ex-room-mate of Cunanan's told the national Enquirer that the prostitute was obsessed with Tom Cruise and would fantasise about murdering his wife Nicole. In other Sly news, it appears the Rambo star is to sue DEM productions for $20m current asking price) because he claims a six-minute cameo he filmed for the forthcoming The Good Life is being billed as a starring role. With the release of CopLand also due soon, Sly doesn't want there to be too many of his films around at the same time. We're with you on that one, Rocky...

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