Slumming It With The Stars

Empire Online's in-flight reporter dishes<br>the dirt

by Willow Green |
Published on

OK, so you're a big Hollywood actress and you have to take the red-eye flight from L.A. to New York City to appear in the ABC talk show The View first thing the next morning, and you really need your beauty rest. Do you get one first-class ticket and end up sleeping sitting up next to some stranger who snores, or instead, do you get three coach seats all in a row so you can lay down? But then you're thinking, I don't want to be seen by all the peasants in coach, after all, I have an Academy Award. So what do you do? You get the row all the way in the very back of the plane and hope that no one sees you, and that's exactly what Faye Dunaway did last week. She even had her own little cooler of food so she wouldn't have to eat the airline slop. Empire Online briefly spoke with the actress who vaguely remembered our interview from a few weeks ago and offered her our blanket since the flight was sold out and to her dismay there were no spare blankets to be had. As the rest of the coach bumped knees and elbows in seats far too close for comfort, Faye slept like a baby with one blanket to keep warm and another covering her face so as not to be recognized. I'm confident Ms. Dunaway was far more rested for her interview with The View than I was for my interview with Michael Caine who was promoting his latest film, The Cider House Rules but that's part of the martyrdom of being a Hollywood reporter. My diva encounters continued on the return flight as a very peeved Gina Gershon stood curbside with her luggage at LAX angrily calling her ride who failed to show.

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