Skyline Poster Descends

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Skyline Poster Descends

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Unperturbed by the threatening rumblings from Sony, the Brothers Strause have unveiled a new teaser poster for Skyline to the world.

What we have is indeed an LA skyline, bathed in the blue tractor-beam light that we've seen before; not least in the trailer, which makes it a bit clearer that the floating specks are people. What's new-ish here though is an up-close-and-personal (or at least, the closest so far) look at the gnarly, possibly part-organic alien ships that have arrived to probe us and give us pink-eye.*

Skyline was set up by the Strause Boys (AvP: Requiem, but we're not mentioning that) at their own Hydraulx VFX company, and has been picked up for distribution by Universal. We still don't know much more about it than the basic premise: that LA wakes one morning to a compellingly attractive cobalt glow that disappears people, emitted from ships that are the vanguard of an invasion. It stars Eric Balfour, Kate Mara, Scottie Thompson and Donald Faison, and it's out here on November 12.

*Not strictly accurate.

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