Simon Crane Steps On To High Wire

Stunt master finds new directing job

Simon Crane Steps On To High Wire

by James White |
Published on

Stunt maestro and second unit directing god Simon Crane has a resume longer than most arms and has been the go-to guy for making Hollywood types look good in action movies and dramas for years. But his attempts to make the switch to directing haven’t met with the best of luck so far, with delays plaguing his plans. Still, that isn’t stopping him loading another potential project on to his schedule, becoming attached to the thriller High Wire.

No, it’s not set in a circus, but beyond the title and the fact that writer James Solomon (who also penned The Conspirator for Robert Redford) told the LA Times it’s a New York-based story with a strong emotional content, nothing is known about the script.

Crane has been itching to sit in the director’s chair for a while now. He was briefly attached to troubled video game adaptation Kane & Lynch, which was supposed to star Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, but seems lost in a mire of development issues. And then there’s Echelon**, a spy thriller with Jason Statham attached that’s looking much more likely to get made and will probably stand as Crane’s directing debut. Hollywood: give this man a job!

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