Sightseers’ Alice Lowe Prepares For Prevenge


by Owen Williams |
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Most recently seen in the Inside No. 9 episode Seance Time, Alice Lowe will next be making her feature-length debut as a director{ =nofollow}. She's also written and will star in Prevenge, a "post-feminist revenge movie" set to shoot imminently in Cardiff and London.

Not much has yet been revealed about the story, other than that it revolves around a pregnant woman on a killing spree, "targeting individuals from different walks of life". Her motivation only becomes clear as the movie progresses.

Herself currently seven-and-a-half months pregnant, Lowe says the film was inspired by “my real experience. People automatically assume you’re a lovely person because you’re pregnant... I wanted to write something which defied that image of the pregnant woman as this safe, sweet, kind person… I felt like motherhood is a crazy, interesting experience and it’s rarely seen on screen. Pregnancy could be a very alien, existential experience and we don’t show it on screen in those terms. I wanted to defy people’s expectations of what that character was and could be, and get some humour out of it.”

Perhaps taking a leaf out of her Sightseers director Ben Wheatley's directing playbook, Lowe says that while the screenplay is pretty straightforward, there'll be plenty of improvisation on set to shake things up. "It’s going to be quite bloody and it’s probably slightly more serious than Sightseers," she explains. "It operates in more of a real realm and the humour comes from the reality of the situation.”

Kate Dickie and Lowe's Sightseers co-star Eileen Davies, are among the rest of the cast confirmed so far. Ryan Owen Eddleston (American Interior) is the cinematographer, and Jennifer Handorf (Borderlands), Vaughan Sivell (Third Star) and Jamie Adams (Black Mountain Poets, which Lowe was in) are the producers.

Shooting on Prevenge starts tomorrow in Wales, before moving to London for a few days in early November.

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