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The hazardous world of narcs, the FBI, cartels and the Mexican borders seems an unlikely starting point for a franchise, but then the same might have been said about the Italian mafia in 1970s New York. Whether Sicario does a Godfather and spawns a crime trilogy remains to be seen, but it does now have a Part II. And to prove it, the trailer for Soldado (it means "soldier" if you need a translation) has just arrived.

Written again by Taylor Sheridan, but directed this time by Stefano Sollima, Soldado isn't a direct continuation of the first story, but set in the same world with some of the characters re-occurring. This time around, Benicio Del Toro's violent gun-for-hire Alejandro Gillick and Josh Brolin's morally grey CIA agent Matt Grover still hunting drug kingpins, but on another front.

Isabela Moner is the stubborn daughter of a drug cartel leader that is their primary target, with Catherine Keener as a CIA superior and Jeffrey Donovan returning as DEA agent Steve Forsing. Sicario 2: Soldado is out in June, 2018.

A second Sicario sequel is in the works

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