Shrek Forever After Clip Online

Puss has forsaken his boots…

Shrek Forever After Clip Online

by James White |
Published on

With Shrek Forever After’s release date(s) speeding towards us (May across the pond, July here), DreamWorks has thrown the first full clip from the film online over at Yahoo Movies.

To be honest, this clip would probably have more impact if we hadn’t already seen most of it in at least one of the trailers. Still, the sight of a tubby, bloated, lazy Puss In Boots (or rather, Puss With A Pink Ribbon) is a chucklesome one and it’s obvious that Antonio Banderas had fun playing the overweight, under-inspired former hero.

For those that haven’t seen the trailers or read the synopsis, the final (or so they say) chapter of the Shrek franchise will see our ogre hero making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to regain his glory days and, thanks to some dodgy magic, catapulted into an alternative universe where everything is dangerously different.

None of his friends recognise him and Rumpelstiltskin is the king of Far, Far Away. Can Shrek put everything right and thwart the mad magician’s evil plan? We’ll find out in the summer.

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