Showing Fear

Demonic video game adapted

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Hoping that they’ve got a Silent Hill on their hands rather than a Doom, Mindfire Entertainment has nabbed the rights to turn the game Fear Effect into a movie.

Mindfire, you might remember, are responsible for House Of The Dead (cheers for that) and have already finished House Of The Dead 2 (wasn’t the first one enough?).

With a screenplay by Steve Kriozere, the movie will take its basis from the game’s plot, about a team of mercenaries hired to find the kidnapped daughter of a billionaire. Their quest takes them around the world and brings them into contact with nasty demons. Who must be shot. A lot.

Mindfire honcho Mark A Altman described the idea as a mash up of Silent Hill and Mission: Impossible. "One of the things that attracted us to this game franchise was the strong creative," Altman told Variety. "Fear Effect was a popular game that was driven by a compelling story line and interesting characters." Let’s hope the movie can boast the same thing once it starts shooting later this year.

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