Shawn Levy Tracks The Talent Thief

Pink Panther director sets up more films

Shawn Levy Tracks The Talent Thief

by Willow Green |
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Shawn Levy, who most recently directed incoming Ben Stiller comedy Night At The Museum, is clearly not looking to have a social life for the next decade or so. He’s just set up two film jobs and is also overseeing two TV show pilots for the coming years.

First up is the big screen adaptation of Alex Williams’ fantasy novel The Talent Thief, which Universal has grabbed and set Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay (the writers with the unfortunate credit of Aeon Flux on their joint resume) to script. It's the story of a boy who must stop a villain from using a weird beastie to pinch special talents from other people.

Then there’s Father Figure, which Fox has agreed to develope, and is described as an original drama “with comic elements” – so of course they’re not telling anyone what it’s actually about – which Mark Friedman has been writing. We’re guessing a dad or surrogate dad is involved somewhere, but please don’t let that information get out.

For the goggle box, Levy is working on The Institution for Fox, a sitcom based on that revolutionary comedy subject How Marriages Can Be A Bit Tough At Times. Three couples with weather the choppy waters of being hitched for at least a pilot episode.

Finally, Levy’s helping out with The Swim Team, from King Of The Hill writer Rich Appel, about a 30-something style-conscious bachelor who discovers that his money-earning trips to the sperm bank during college have left him with a few kids to deal with when they turn up on his doorstep. Hilarity, one assumes, ensues.

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