Shawn Levy In Talks To Direct A Star Wars Film

Shawn Levy

by James White |

Clearly looking to keep his hand in the competition for Busiest Director/Producer in Hollywood, Shawn Levy is adding another potential big project to his To Do list. He's now in talks to direct an unknown new Star Wars film.

According to Deadline, that's all there is to the story right now – Levy's in discussions to handle a future movie set in the galaxy far, far away, but no word on who might be writing it.

And lest you think this is one of those rumours that vanish into the ether as soon as the story is online, Levy confirmed that discussions are at least underway via social media.

Of course, the future of big screen Star Wars is far from clear, as there have been reports of various big names – Taika Waititi, Rian Johnson, Kevin Feige and Damon Lindelof among them — linked to movies in the works, with nothing to show yet save an untitled entry dated for December 2025.

Even films that are officially announced, such as Patty Jenkins' much-ballyhooed Rogue Squadron, have seemed to vanish into a mire of development and scrapped release slots.

Given Levy's packed schedule (he's still an executive producer on Stranger Things and will direct at least one episode in the show's fifth and final season and there's also the small matter of Deadpool 3 with regular collaborator/new bezzie mate Ryan Reynolds due to hit screens in 2024) there's no chance his film will fill that 2025 slot. But we're interested to see what a man who has wrangled big franchises and produced interesting other movies will do in the Star Wars universe.

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