Shady Talez For Eminem

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Shady Talez For Eminem

by Owen Williams |
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He's been known to wield a chainsaw and wear a hockey mask on stage, and Eminem, aka Slim Shady, aka regular-why-all-the-fuss-guy Marshall Mathers is now taking his love of all things horror to the big screen, in the dubiously monikered 3D anthology movie Shady Talez.

This looks like several jobs for Shady, as he'll play a different role in each part of the portmanteau, which if it follows the tradition of the genre (Creepshow, The Twilight Zone, the creaky Amicus films like From Beyond the Grave), will contain three stories, one of which is ace, one of which is a bit meh, and one of which is rubbish.

A four-issue Shady-penned comic series for Marvel is also planned to tie-in, and Slim will be co-writing the screenplay along with Underworld writer/star Kevin Grevioux (he's the one with the amazingly deep voice). John Davis (I, Robot) is attached to co-produce.

Lest we forget, Eminem was pretty impressive in 2002's generally well-received 8 Mile, so the real surprise is just how long he's taken to follow that up with another starring role. But up to and including his amusing cameo in **Funny People, **we've not seen Marshall Mathers play a character other than Eminem. At least three different roles in the same film will be an interesting stretch. Can he make it work?

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