Sevigny Promises Brevity

If I win, I'll make my speech short and sweet

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In the interests of brevity, Academy voters might wish to consider Chlo Sevigny for this year's Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Nominated for her role as Lana in Kimberly Pierce's Boys Don't Cry, Sevigny promises that her acceptance speech - should she win - will only be one sentence long. "I'm not going to be up there gushing," she says, adding that old flame and Gummo director Harmony Korine has suggested a few good one-liners to deliver to keep things short and sweet. Sevigny adds: "Don't you think it's so boring when they thank everybody? If you thank one person, then you have to thank everybody. Then people get mad at you if you forget to thank them - and they make you take out ads in 'Variety', and you know how expensive they are?" Confessing that she believes Angelina Jolie will take the prize for her role in Girl, Interrupted, Sevigny admitted it was "very nice to be recognised" for a project that has remained close to her heart for several years, "especially as the Academy is made up of people from the industry. I never thought they would recognise our film - I thought it was too risque." Here at the Berlin to promote Mary Harron's American Psycho, in which she plays secretary to Christian Bale's Wall Street serial killer, Sevigny was trying to sleep off her jet-lag, when she discovered her nod via old friend (and Best Actress nominee) Julianne Moore, whom she recently worked with on A Map of the World. "She came to my door to say 'Hello'. And my friend answered it, and said 'Do you know who was nominated?' And Julianne was like 'Oh you don't know?', and she came and jumped on my bed to wake me up and tell me. That was really nice." Berlin report: James Mottram

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