Seth Rogen Playing Walter Cronkite In Newsflash

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by James White |
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After tackling true-life events in Stronger, David Gordon Green is once again ready to reach into the real world for a film, this time heading further back into the past and casting Seth Rogen in Newsflash.

The drama, written by Ben Jacoby, would see Rogen as famed American newsman Walter Cronkite on the day that helped cement his reputation as one of the country's most trusted reporters. Which day, you ask? That would be 22 November, 1963, with President John F. Kennedy assassinated in Texas. Though Cronkite was not the first to the screen with word of the President's death, his calm, yet emotional reports helped inform the country of the tragedy.

Story-wise, the movie will follow Cronkite, regular producer Don Hewitt, their boss Jim Aubrey and a young reporter named Dan Rather, who has gone on to his own solid career in the news.

Stampede Pictures is putting the film together, though only Green and Rogen are attached to work on it so far. We're not sure we ever thought we'd find ourselves writing the words "Seth Rogen to play Walter Cronkite," but there you are.

Rogen is on screens now in The Disaster Artist, is shooting new comedy Flarsky and will be heard in Disney's latest version of The Lion King.

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