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Inner Workings

by James White |
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While we in the UK generally get to see Marvel's output before the States, corporate siblings Disney Feature Animation is normally a different matter. And indeed, we will have to wait (but only a week this time) for its latest offering, Moana. For a taste of Inner Workings, the short playing before the new Disney 'toon, take a look at the trailer.

Directed by story artist Leo Matsuda, Inner Workings is a peek into the humdrum life of an office drone who one day in particular decides to let his heart overrule his head. Lured by the sun, sea, food and fun outside the monolithic tower in which he toils each day, he's tempted, but constantly kept in check by his nervous brain, concerned that every step outside his routine will lead to an untimely death.

And yes, as the title suggests, the actual focus of the short is his head, his heart and, to a lesser degree, his stomach and lungs. But while the concept of delving inside someone's system might remind you of Pixar's Inside Out, it's actually a clever, very different take on the conflict that can bubble up within us all.

Inner Workings will be out in the UK on 2 December alongside Moana.

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