Second Love Guru Trailer

More of Mike Myer's latest creation

Second Love Guru Trailer

by Olly Richards |
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The first Love Guru trailer didn't go down too well with many of our readers, with suggestions that it took most of the jokes from Austin Powers and just changed the accent. So Paramount will be hoping that you like the second one more. You can see it over at MySpace here.

Love Guru is the story of an American kid (Mike Myers) who's raised by gurus and becomes a relationship saving mystic. One of his jobs is to help an ice hockey player win back his girlfriend from a sporting rival, played by Justin Timberlake. From the trailers, it's hard to see what Jessica Alba is doing there, but she apparently owns an ice hockey team.

The film's going to need to build a lot of fans before it opens because it's not going to have an easy box office ride. In the US, it opens the week after The Incredible Hulk and The Happening, and is followed a week later by Wall-E. That's not to mention Get Smart, a comedy aiming for the same audience, coming out on the same day. In the UK it's a week after The Dark Knight and on the same day as X-Files 2. So, no pressure.

This new clip didn't make us giggle much, although the young Myers freaked us out. But what do you think?

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