Second Bee Movie Trailer Online

Let the buzz begin...sorry

Second Bee Movie Trailer Online

by Willow Green |
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We almost don't want Bee Movie to be animated, because we're enjoying these sketches of Jerry Seinfeld attempting to make a live action insect film far too much. First we had Seinfeld and Chris Rock being mashed against a windscreen (watch that here) and now we have the former sitcom star being smashed against foam flowers under the neglectful eye of Steven Spielberg (watch the new one here). Can pixels ever be quite as funny? We sure hope so, but we're also quietly hoping that the animated movie bit is just a front and we're actually going to get a feature-length version of these genius trailers. Or might we have both please?

Bee Movie, Seinfeld's first foray into animation (or is it?), is set to be released on December 7 and tells the story of a young bee who wants more from life than just making honey and sets off to New York City to fulfill his dreams with the help of a florist (or does he?). It features the voices of Renee Zellweger, Chris Rock, Eddie Izzard and John Goodman (or does it?). By the way, the answer to all those questions in brackets is: yes.

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