The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Sebastian Stan And Anthony Mackie Mark The Start Of The Shoot

Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie

by James White |
Published on

As Marvel Studios makes its big new push into TV with series that will properly tie into the wider MCU, we're starting to see the shows gearing up to shoot. First out of the gate is The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, which stars Antony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. And the stars took a moment out of their first day of production to tell the audience it's on the way.

Of course, this being Stan and Mackie, it was never going to be a straightforward promotional vid, and in this case, it's more a ramshackle set of Instagram stories with the pair sparring and joking as usual.

Quite what the show will cover is being kept typically quiet, though Daniel Brühl is back as the scheming, vengeful Helmut Zemo, while Emily VanCamp will return to play Sharon Carter and Wyatt Russell is comic book character John Walker/US Agent. Whether we see Mackie's Sam Wilson fully embrace his new role as Captain America (in the wake of Steve Rogers choosing to lead a different life with Peggy Carter at the end of Endgame) remains to be seen, but we do know they'll be in action.

Empire TV writer Malcolm Spellman has been working on the scripts alongside John Wick's Derek Kolstad and Michael Kastelein, while Kari Skogland is the director charged with keeping the main duo in line. The show is scheduled to arrive on Disney+ in autumn 2020, by which point the streaming service will hopefully have launched in the UK.

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