Scott Cooper Writing And Directing Miniseries Angels And Demons

Scott Cooper

by James White |
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Before we go any further with this story, no, it's not another adaptation of a Dan Brown novel. In this case, Angels & Demons, which has Scott Cooper attached to write and direct for TV, is a true crime tale.

Cooper, who has directed movies such as Crazy Heart, Out Of The Furnace, Hostiles and the upcoming Antlers, is making his TV debut with the miniseries. The drama is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning St. Petersburg Times article by Thomas French, a powerful and personal true crime drama examining the tragic murder of three women whose bodies were found floating in the shallow tidewaters of Tampa Bay.

Black Bear Television is producing the show, which will be shopping it around to various streaming services and other outlets. Given that the company's film arm has a deal in place with Netflix, that could be a prime possibility in giving the miniseries a home.

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