Scarlett Johansson And Channing Tatum Want To Give NASA A Boost(er) In The Trailer For Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me To The Moon (2024)

by James White |
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What hath Disney wrought? These animated-to-live-action conversion jobs really have gotten out hand. How else to explain Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum snatching the leads in a new take on the 2007 3D animated adventure about insects going into orbi… Sorry, we're being told that this is not that, but instead a new comedy-drama about promoting NASA by, er, faking the Moon landing in case it doesn't go well? Yes, check out the first trailer for Fly Me To The Moon:

Directed by TV guru Greg Berlanti (who at one point had around 73 different shows on the air at the height of the DC Arrowverse) from Rose Gilroy's script, it's set as NASA is looking to re-engage public awareness and excitement via the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Launch director Cole Davis (Tatum) is surprised to learn that the woman he once hit on in a diner (Johansson's Kelly Jones) is the marketing maven hired to goose interest – and, yes, prepare a faux landing film should something go catastrophically wrong.

One to keep the conspiracy theorists bubbling, then, but beware Buzz Aldrin's strong right hook.

Can this new moonshot break out of that generic title via the star power of ScarJo and Chan-Man? We'll find out 12 July when this one rockets into cinemas.

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