Samuel L. Jackson’s A Soul Man

In a new comedy with Bernic Mac

Samuel L. Jackson's A Soul Man

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Ever wondered whether Mace Windu can dance? Ever asked yourself if Jules Winnfield can sing?* Well, an upcoming comedy is about to answer both questions, as Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac sign up for Soul Men.

Jackson (already signed) and Mac (in final negotiations) will play two former back-up singers in a soul band who were part of a famous group that split up 20 years ago. They reunite for a tribute performance for the now-dead lead singer, after not speaking to each other since - and hilarity, we hope, ensues. More importantly, both men will be singing and dancing, which should offer entertainment to the value of the ticket right there.

The script was written by Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone, the team behind Intolerable Cruelty, Life and **Man of the House. **There's no director yet but the studio, Dimension, are hoping to hire one within the next couple of weeks. The whole thing was put together by Mac's manager Steven Greener, who brought in the writers after working with them on Life, so expect Mac's contract to be signed very soon.

Actually, he already covered that one in Black Snake Moan - but that was the blues, and he's still gotta prove he's got what it takes for soul.

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