Samuel L Jackson Ready For Deathgames

Kellan Lutz fights for his life

Samuel L Jackson Ready For Deathgames

by James White |
Published on

Need a man who can convincingly play a badass overlord that controls a series of modern-day gladiatorial games while twin ladies see to his every need? Then you absolutely, positively got to call Samuel L Motherf****n’ Jackson.

That’s what first-time director Jonah Loop has done for Deathgames, as he segues from working as a visual effects supervisor to taking on his first film, according to the Heat Vision Blog.

Kellan Lutz will star in the indie action thriller, which sees him kidnapped and forced to brawl for his life in an illegal underground gladiatorial arena where fighters scrap it out for the benefit of online viewers. Sort of Fight Club meets Gamer, then. But hopefully with the quality of the former, not the latter.

Loop has a thrifty $10 million to spend on the movie – formerly titled Fury – which kicks off shooting next month in Louisiana.

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