Samuel L. Jackson Joins Remake Of The Blob

Playing a scientist for Simon West

Samuel L. Jackson Joins Remake Of The Blob

by Owen Williams |
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In news to warm the hardest of hearts, Simon West's upcoming remake of sci-fi/horror classic The Blob has just announced its first major cast member. Samuel L. Jackson has signed up to fight the giant space jelly{ =nofollow}.

The original Blob came from space, while the underrated '80s version was a Cold War experiment gone wrong. The latest incarnation, West has confirmed, will be "more sci-fi" again, and today's brief new synopsis suggests that the entity will be discovered "deep within the Earth".

Jackson will play a biochemistry professor, racing to find a way to shut the wobbly predator down. "Get that motherfucking Blob out of my motherfucking lab!" He might say.

The first Blob introduced Steve McQueen to the moviegoing world. Larry Hagman directed sequel Beware! The Blob in the '70s. The surprisingly excellent '80s remake starred Kevin Dillon and had a screenplay by Frank Darabont. The latest version was previously growing under the Weinsteins' roof at Dimension (Rob Zombie flirted with it for a while), but is now taking shape at Goldcrest.

It's coming together faster than West anticipated too. A couple of months ago he was calling it a "longer term" project, but shooting is now set for the autumn. More casting announcements are, apparently, imminent...

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