Ryan Reynolds Crashes An X-Men “Reunion” In New Charity Video

X-Men video with Ryan Reynolds

by James White |
Published on

If you can get Ryan Reynolds for your charity video, you get Ryan Reynolds for your charity video. And let's face it... If you're Hugh Jackman, you probably can't avoid getting Ryan Reynolds. So it was for a quick, funny video that formed part of the huge Global Goal: Unite For Our Future piece that blended music, comedy and more for a good cause. Watch the X-Men chunk below.

The video finds Jackman hosting a mini-reunion of some of his original X-Men cast mates, including Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry and (absent) Ian McKellen. But just as they're discussing the passing of time, who should interrupt but the man also known as Wade Wilson, Deadpool himself, Reynolds? And he's brought along some of the younger X-Cast, including Sophie Turner (who admits she thought it was a Game Of Thrones) reunion and James McAvoy. Before long, everyone is gone save an enthusiastic Reynolds and a frustrated Jackman.

It's funny stuff, and just one piece of the giant charity video. Find the full length show (hosted by a weirdly low key Dwayne Johnson) below.

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