“Run Yasmine, Run!”

Big screen Baywatch on the way

by Willow Green |
Published on

You used to be able to set your watch by it. Every Saturday afternoon at tea time, males would congregate around televisions across the country, their sweaty palms pawing at remotes as they tuned in to watch the buxom Baywatch babes cavort playfully in the California surf. Oh you could complain that the storylines lacked a certain something when compared to, say, Dickens or Bronte, but such nit-picking is surely missing the point. After all, there was running. And jiggling. And we'll hear no feminist protestations either, we males are simple creatures and must be afforded simple pleasures. Besides, any girls who deny that they spent many an hour ogling Billy Warlock's chiselled abs and granite buns should probably check their pants - because they're very likely on fire! Anyway, libidinous cinemagoers of all persuasions will be able to get their collective rocks off soon because the show has been greenlit for a feature spin-off that will bounce onto screens in Summer 2006. There's no news on whether Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth or the rest of the original cast will return to run around (in glorious slo-mo, naturally) but damned if we're not already booking our tickets. *"Some people staaaaand in the darkness

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