Roth Says No To Violence

No more movie mayhem for Roth

by Willow Green |
Published on

Actor Tim Roth has made a pledge to give up starring in violent movies. In an interview with today's Express newspaper, the South London born actor says he no longer wants to play gangsters or gun-lovers, preferring to make films that will have a positive impact on society. Roth explained that the decision is influenced by his view that violence in film could influence real life violence.

"Pulling a gun out in a film has lost its allure", he said. "Now that I'm in my late thirties and I'm a parent, I have to start thinking more about what kind of stories I want to tell." Roth first made his name in the 1982 film Made In Britain where he played an aggressive skinhead, then 'broke' America as Mr Orange in Quentin Tarantino's gory masterpiece Reservoir Dogs. Roth made his own directorial debut this year with the critically acclaimed ** The War Zone**, a study of a dysfunctional Devon family.

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