Romero And Savini Collaborating Again?

May remake Children Shouldn't Play...

Romero And Savini Collaborating Again?

by Owen Williams |
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Potential George Romero project number 46: make-up guru and occasional actor and director Tom Savini says he and Romero are scheming a remake of **Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, the comedy horror from 1972.

Directed by Bob Clark (who also made Black Christmas and Porky's), the original was shot in two weeks, and involves a troupe of actors and a seance-gone-wrong in an island cemetery for criminals.

Savini revealed the plan while talking zombies in general with Sci Fi World, and it's clearly the technical challenges that still excite him. After praising recent work on Land of the Dead and The Walking Dead, he went on to say, "I might do Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things with George Romero. These were zombies that came out of the grave, so they have to be almost skeletons. They have to be really rotted and disintegrated, so that has to be a combination of make-up and CGI, where I'll put green-screen [on the actors] so you can see through them. This, I hope, will be the new generation of zombies. It's tough to make zombies scary."

Given that Romero is also toying with a two part finale to his Saga of the Dead, a remake of Dario Argento's Deep Red, and an unnamed non-horror project, we might not see this one particularly soon, or ever. But we do at least have the definitive answer to the burning question of whether zombies should be fast or slow...

"Zack Snyder made them run in his Dawn of the Dead remake," says Savini. "George didn't like that. He sells bumper stickers that say 'Fast Zombies Suck!'"

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