Roland Emmerich Plans New Stargate Trilogy

Remake, remake Ra Ra Ra

Roland Emmerich Plans New Stargate Trilogy

by James White |
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In the world of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, their big, famous properties never lay dormant for long. Emmerich in particular is still developing at least one sequel to Independence Day, and while sequel rumours have also floated for Stargate, nothing has come through the web portals lately. Until now, that is, as MGM and Warner Bros. have announced that Emmerich and Devlin will return for a new trilogy{ =nofollow}.

There are zero details of what the new film – or, as all involved appear to be hoping, films – will entail, and we don’t yet know whether it will explore a whole new story or reboot the roles originally played by Kurt Russell, James Spader and Jaye Davidson. Revisiting Russell’s Colonel O’Neil and Spader’s Dr. Daniel Jackson isn’t out of the question, though they could have new faces.

Also unlikely is any connection with the long-running Stargate TV franchise, which spawned three shows of varying quality and lifespan from 1997 to 2011. While we’re certain that as many eyes will roll at the idea of another remake as will get excited by the idea of a return trip through the ‘gate, the biggest issue might be scheduling: Emmerich is currently busy on gay rights drama Stonewall, and is still figuring out what form the new ID-4 film will take. Devlin, for his part, is getting set to shoot weather thriller Geostorm, so we’re expecting to wait awhile before any real forward progress on Stargate front.

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