Rogue One introduces the U-Wing ship

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The Star Wars saga has introduced a few iconic ships to science fiction cinema in its time. Star Destroyers. The X-Wings. That slightly famous one that has it where it counts, but sometimes lets you down. Rogue One's team is hoping you will welcome the U-Wing to your spaceship-loving hearts, and you can see the craft in an episode of The Star Wars Show below.

"It's a troop transport and gunship," Matt Martin of Lucasfilm's Story Group explains. "It's there to bring in rebel troops to heavy-fire zones and get out as quickly as possible. The wings move depending on the situation, and it's there to both drop off troops and provide air support."

And the vessel was sneakily introduced to the world at last year's Star Wars Celebration Anaheim event, albeit slightly obscured by rain and troops in the shot below.

Rogue One concept art U-Wing

So it's perhaps not the most beautiful ship ever created, but it gets the job done. The U-Wing will be in action when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives on December 16 this year.

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