Dexter Fletcher Directing Film About Dracula’s Henchman Renfield

Dexter Fletcher

by James White |
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After finding success with Rocketman, Dexter Fletcher has a very different subject planned for a potential future film. He's now attached to make a movie about Dracula's servant Renfield for Universal.

The script has some horror pedigree as The Walking Dead comics creator (and TV producer) Robert Kirkman pitched a new take on the character, which the studio snapped up. Rick And Morty writer Ryan Ridley handled the actual scripting chores and while there are few details to be found, Variety has learned it'll be a present day tale and not a period piece.

Which will make it that rare version of the Renfield story not to take place in the past. Renfield is traditionally portrayed as an inmate in an asylum who is believed to be suffering from delusions, but is actually a servant of Dracula whose mind has been twisted by his exposure to the bloodsucker. He captures small creatures and tries to eat them in the hopes of gaining their life essence, and his master sends him insects from time to time. Quite how much of those details will make it into the final film remains to be seen.

This represents another move forward with Universal's attempt to resuscitate its horror in the wake of the failure of the Dark Universe concept. The studio is pushing ahead with stories about different characters that don't have to adhere to some larger scheme. Next up is Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man, which recently released a trailer.

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