The Rock Up For Two Roles In Shazam!

Should he play hero or villain?

The Rock Up For Two Roles In Shazam!

by Olly Richards |
Published on

The Rock will star in Shazam! (the movie's exclamation point, not ours). That's a given. But will he play the heroic Captain Marvel or the villainous Black Adam? He doesn't rightly know, since he's currently weighing up whether to don good tights or bad tights.

You may not be particularly familiar with Shazam!, the most camply named of superhero series, since it's a long way beneath Batman and Superman on the recognisability league table.

The hero of the piece is Billy Batson, a kid who's chosen by the wizard Shazam to be a superforce of good on earth. Whenever he speaks the wizard's name he's granted super-powers and turned into a grown up. A bit like Bananaman, but with lower levels of potassium.

The bad guy is Black Adam, an ancient Egyptian former protegee of Shazam who is brought to modern times, where he does battle with Captain Marvel.

The Rock told that he is currently up for both roles and is leaving the decision of which he takes up to the fans. It's not actually inconceivable that he might play both roles, since they look almost the same, but for different coloured spandex.

Which role would you give him?

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