Robocop Reads Empire

Honest, we have proof

by empire |
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Sat in the Penthouse of the Delta City Hilton, Empire Online toys with its glass of water and shifts nervously from cheek to cheek. Why? Because the word is out and crime-fighting legend-cum-80s movie icon, Robocop, is giving a rare interview to promote the imminent release of his three feature films on DVD. We are ushered into his suite, after only a slight delay, to find the man of steel reclining with a magazine while his publicist buffs up the sheen on his chest-plate. The whirr of servos accompany the raising of his head as Robocop - 'oh please, call me Murphy' - greets us over his reading material, which turns out to be none other than a copy of Empire magazine. A brief chat - 5 minutes is all that's allocated before an insistent ED-209 politely demands we vacate the area - reveals that old Murphy is quite the fan of our little publication. "Yes, my main interests are to serve the public trust, protect the innocent and generally uphold the law," he drawls in a cybernetic monotone. "But on weekends and bank holidays I do like to kick back with the latest issue of Empire and see what's coming up at the OCP multiplex." Naturally flattered, we humbly thank the polished star for his time as he curtly instructs his agent to book tickets for The Affair of The Necklace - a stalwart fan of period dramas apparently.

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