Robin Hood: In The Future

Space-age version of story coming

Robin Hood: In The Future

by Helen O'Hara |
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Fill your quiver with laser-arrows and don't forget your lightstaff: a futuristic Robin Hood is in development at Warner Bros., with The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven and** 300** producer Craig Flores shepherding it through. Yes, Hd-1138 will be robbing cyber-credits from the rich and giving them to the poor in a dystopian future London.

Aside from the setting, few details have been released about the project, save that a gang of thieves will restore hope to the capital's "embattled" population (alien overlords? To chime with the Norman/Saxon divide in the original story?). We do know that it will be a "futuristic action-adventure" that will both "be inspired by" and "pay homage to" the legend of Robin Hood.

Commercials director Nicolai Fuglsig will direct the film, in what could be his feature debut unless Bleederback, which he is also developing with Roven, comes together first. Jason Hall, who wrote upcoming Ashton Kutcher comedy/drama Spread, will write the script, and should bear in mind that we're serious about wanting laser arrows.

Whether this will be affected by Ridley Scott's Robin Hood remains to be seen: that Russell Crowe film is likely to be heavy on the drama and the epic, and might even help this film along if it's a success. But this is such a popular story that the success of one probably doesn't affect the other: after all, we're talking about the same Hollywood that made two big Robin Hood films in the same year back in 1991. So given that one of these is futuristic, they'll barely clash at all.

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