Is Robert Luketic Romancing The Stone?

Ugly Truth director may handle remake

Is Robert Luketic Romancing The Stone?

by James White |
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Yes, folks, it's time once again to dip into a little remake roulette, albeit with a movie that has already been announced as headed through the redo factory: the planned update of Romancing The Stone may have a director.

The man behind The Ugly Truth's mix of sexual stereotypes and mildly successful comedy box office, Robert Luketic, has apparently been approached to take the helm.

You might recall that the 1984 comedy adventure was made by another Robert (Zemeckis) and featured Kathleen Turner as a romance novelist who heads to Colombia to ransom her kidnapped sister. There she finds mismatched misadventures with square-jawed explorer Michael Douglas and lots of Indiana Jones-lite adventure.

Fox is trying to get the new film made, and with a finished script on hand, the studio will likely see if Luketic can fit it in before he tackles the long-gestating Barbarella project he inherited from Robert Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, the Pajiba blog also mentions another possible new re-jiggering, this time of 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell comedy Overboard.

Sony is going back to the well for the tale of a spoiled princess who refuses to pay a widower for work on her yacht. When he helps her following an accident the next day, only to find she has amnesia, he poses as her hubby in order to claim his cash. Hilarity, naturally, ensues.

Katherine Heigl is the woman that the executives in charge want as the new Goldie, so this one could sink or swim on her involvement...

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