Robert De Niro Is A Dirty Grandpa

In an R-rated Zac Efron comedy

Robert De Niro

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Johnny Knoxville was a Bad Grandpa for Jackass last year, but Robert De Niro is about to go one worse. He's signed on to be the Dirty Grandpa in a "raunchy" new Universal comedy. Zac Efron will be his straight man.

The story finds Efron as a straight-laced guy about to get married, but strong-armed, just before his wedding, into driving his foul-mouthed ex-army grandpa to Florida for spring break. Presumably Grandpa vicariously enjoys the beach-based antics Harmony Korine showed us in Spring Breakers (minus the killing)... the filthy swine! But we'd imagine there'll be some mellowing of Grandpa and some loosening up for Efron before the film is over.

Dan Mazer, director of I Give It A Year and writer/producer of copious Sacha Baron Cohen projects, is scripting the film and will also man the cameras. Barry Josephson, who worked with De Niro previously on Hide And Seek, is producing.

De Niro is currently filming Nancy Meyers' The Intern with Anne Hathaway, while Efron is at work on Max Joseph's DJ drama We Are Your Friends. Dirty Grandpa doesn't have a start date yet, but we imagine it won't take too long to get going.

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