Rob Cohen Planning A Bullet Run

Desert-set chase movie for F&F director

Rob Cohen Planning A Bullet Run

by Owen Williams |
Published on

The director of the original The Fast and the Furious has another engine-revving epic in his sights: Deadline report that Rob Cohen is lining up **Bullet Run as the project to follow his James Patterson adaptation I, Alex Cross.

Another example of the resurgence of the spec script in Hollywood, it was written by Andrew Hilton (The Lost Patrol) and involves an elite bodyguard and his CIA-spook wife, sneaking into Iran to abduct the chap that killed their daughter. When the plan goes pear-shaped, they're forced to utilise a fleet of high-performance street vehicles and their "world-class driving skills" to escape across 200 miles of desert, while making sure their hostage doesn't catch a stray bullet.

Why is there a fleet of high performance street cars languishing in the Iranian desert? We're not entirely clear on this. Your guess is as good as ours, but we're sure there's a perfectly high-concept explanation. Cohen (who also made xXx and Daylight) calls Bullet Run "a unique and genre-bending action film with huge international appeal."

I, Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry as the detective, was slated to start filming this month, but is still listed as in pre-production. That being the case, it looks like** Bullet Run** won't get the keys to the ignition until sometime next year.

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