Rob Cohen Heads For 1950

Directing the Korean War story

Rob Cohen Heads For 1950

by James White |
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It would seem that Rob Cohen’s love of all things Asian hasn’t dimmed since he made The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Because he’s now agreed to direct Korean War story 1950 for a group of Korean film companies.

The movie will draw its inspiration from New York Times correspondent Marguerite Higgins, who travelled across the Korean peninsula with a platoon of marines and was present for the Christmas Eve evacuation of almost 200,000 South Korean civilians who were fleeing the advancing Chinese and North Korean armies.

"The Korean War has often been referred to as 'the forgotten war' and I think it's time it was remembered. Telling the story of this harrowing conflict through the eyes of pioneering journalist Marguerite Higgins makes it a very different war film on every level,” Cohen said in a statement picked up by Variety.

He’s got a job to finish first, though: he’s already committed to making James Patterson reboot **I, Alex Cross **with Tyler Perry taking over as the titular investigator.

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