Risky business: new trailer and poster for The Big Short

The Big Short still

by James White |
Published on

Adam McKay’s latest, which sees him swap the comedy stylings of Anchorman and co. for a fact-based drama (but retains Steve Carell, who this time knows why they’re shouting) is headed our way in a little less than a month. So it makes sense that a new trailer (below) and poster for The Big Short have arrived.

Adapted by McKay and Charles Randolph from Moneyball man Michael Lewis’ book, The Big Short is set shortly before the big credit bubble burst and the housing market in the US and elsewhere collapsed. A group of financial outsiders, including Carell’s Mark Baum, Brad Pitt’s Ben Rickert, Ryan Gosling’s Jared Vennett and Christian Bale’s Michael Burry have seen the writing on the wall and know that the banks have been playing fast and loose with an awful lot of money. So they decide to punish the fat cats with some clever investing, risking it all to try to warn people and to make some profit themselves.

With praise following its screenings in the States, The Big Short certainly seems to be one to watch out for, and boasts a healthy cast that also includes Marisa Tomei, Karen Gillan, Melissa Leo, Hamish Linklater and Rafe Spall. The film will be out here on January 22.

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