Ripper Played By ‘Royal’

Nigel Hawthorne tipped to play Victorian killer

by Willow Green |
Published on

Yesterday's Express newspaper reported that a new version of the tale of Jack The Ripper called **From Hell **is to star Madness of King George lead Nigel Hawthorne as the monstrous fiend. Apparently the movie will co-star **Johnny Depp **as the Scotland Yard detective 'who tracked him down'.

From Hell coverWhat's wrong with this picture? Only the fact which contributes so greatly to Ripper mythology - he was never caught or identified. Helming the project for 20th Century Fox are the Albert and Allen Hughes, best known for their superior gangsta flick** Menace II Society** - which gives a clue as to this reworking of the story. The script is based not on fact but on Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's graphic novel, which makes liberal use of true events. A source close to Hawthorne explained his attraction to the project. "Nigel's never really done the Hollywood villain stuff which a lot of Brit actors of his stature have done. He made a fleeting appearance in Demolition Man (1993) a few years ago, but this part is much more high quality writing. He's highly regarded in the States because of King George and Depp is a total Anglophile who loves working with British actors."

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