Ring meets Grudge in teaser trailer for Sadako Vs Kayako

Sadako detail from Sadko Vs. Kayako poster

by Owen Williams |
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Back in April a fan-made mash-up of the Ju-On/Grudge and Ring franchises went viral online. It may have been intended as just a joke, but development wheels turn quickly in Japan, and respective studios Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan leapt on the opportunity to get Sadako Vs. Kayako in motion. And to prove it's realy real, here's the first teaser trailer. Scroll down for a poster too.

Sadako and Kayako are, of course, the chalk-faced revenants that haunt the Grudge and Ring films. Sadako (from Ring) was murdered and thrown down a well, only to start killing people via haunted videotapes thirty years later. Kayako (from Ju-On/Grudge) was also murdered at a young age and remains angry abaout it, but her modus operandi is to crawl around ceilings and rattle at people. Quite how the pair are going to face off against each other remains to be seen, but it's a fascinating prospect. Will we be rooting for one over the other?

Kōji Shiraishi is the director, with Mizuki Yamamoto (Ghost Hunt) playing our heroine Yūri, caught between two ghouls. Sadako Vs. Kayako is out in Japan in June next year.

Sadako Vs. Kayako Poster
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