Ridley Scott Says He Wants To ‘Re-Evolve’ The Alien Franchise

Ridley Scott

by James White |
Published on

Though there were 33 years between his Alien films, Ridley Scott still seems confident there's life in the old Xenomorph yet, even after the severely mixed reactions to both Prometheus and particularly Covenant.

"I still think there’s a lot of mileage in Alien, but I think you’ll have to now re-evolve,” Scott told the LA Times' Justin Chang. “What I always thought when I was making it, the first one, why would a creature like this be made and why was it traveling in what I always thought was a kind of war-craft, which was carrying a cargo of these eggs. What was the purpose of the vehicle and what was the purpose of the eggs? That’s the thing to question — who, why, and for what purpose is the next idea, I think."

Scott, of course, still has a hand in the films, though he's been concentrating on other things of late, with The Last Duel on hold because of the worldwide pandemic, but this signals that he continues to ruminate on the idea of future Alien-based movies. For more from Scott on making the original Alien, head to the LA Times.

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