Ride Along Drives To Universal

Ice Cube still at the wheel

Ride Along Drives To Universal

by James White |
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Back in 2009, we were pleased to see Ice Cube planning to get back to something with a harder edge after the family-friendly fare he’s largely been known for. But while New Line played around with the idea for comedy Ride Along, it didn’t quite make it to the screen. Now Universal has picked it up.

Don’t go thinking that the new film represents Cube getting back to his gangsta days: this comedic take on Training Day will see Kevin Hart as a teacher who is planning to marry his girlfriend. But before he can tie the knot, he has to endure a ride-along experience with his hard-ass cop brother-in-law-to-be (Cube), who’s none too pleased with the idea of the union. And who has his own idea to scare the potential groom…

With Tim Story directing, we’re not going to expect ultra violence and buckets of blood. The script, which has seen any number of re-writes from people like **The Dictator **actor Jason Mantzoukas, is now scheduled to go through the keyboards of Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, which means we can almost hear the rough edges being sanded off as we write this.

But Hart was good value in Think Like A Man, and Cube brought solid grouch to 21 Jump Street, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for some laughs at least. It should all start shooting in October.

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