Riddick’s David Twohy to direct sci-fi Ice Moon Rising

David Twohy at the Riddick premiere

by Owen Williams |
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Given the Riddick-based announcements just before Christmas, you might have assumed that filmmaker David Twohy would have his hands full getting ready for Furya. With a new baby in the Vin Diesel household, however, his star doesn't think he'll be quite ready to go to that "dark place" until the start of 2017. Which means Twohy has time for Ice Moon Rising, an American-Chinese co-production that he'll write and direct.

The film, as per the information we've got so far, involves a Chinese and American task force on a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa to defrost another astronaut from cryogenic stasis. The sleeping spaceman was attacked 24 years prevously by aliens from Europa's icy seas, but wakes to face a new challenge: a daughter he's never met before.

We'd be surprised if there wasn't some more alien action too, but producer Sriram Das says "the sci-fi should not distract from a very human story." They're keeping it real in other ways too: the film's technological hardware has been designed by ex-NASA scientists, meaning "the science will be very real and not overly futuristic."

Shooting - on a modest but not insignificant $50m budget - looks likely to take place in either the UK or Canada later this year.

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