Richard Linklater To Direct Liars (A-E)

Quirky comedy set to star Kat Dennings

Richard Linklater To Direct Liars (A-E)

by Emily Phillips |
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He may be a little old for class, but Richard Linklater has covered off Music (School of Rock), French (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset), Home Ec. (Fast Food Nation), History (The Newton Boys) and now he is getting a lesson in Politics, as he picks up Obama inaguration comedy Liars (A-E) to direct.

The film is already set to star **Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist **actress Kat Dennings, who has been cast as the best friend of the film's heroine. Together they embark on a round trip of all her ex-boyfriends on the day of Obama's rise to power, in order to retrieve items she has lost throughout her relationships.

Written by relative unknown Emma Forrest, the film is being produced by Scott 'No Country For Old Men' Rudin for Miramax.

Despite being tipped to work on School of Rock 2: America Rocks next, Linklater may find a way of squishing this indie in before beginning the Jack Black music comedy.

So who would you like to see play the film's leading lady? And more importantly, who is likely to take on the role of Barack Obama? Answers on a postcard... (Or below if you'd prefer).

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