Richard Gere Starring In Double

With Topher Grace in the spy thriller

Richard Gere Starring In Double

by James White |
Published on

Richard Gere and Topher Grace will play unlikely CIA partners in the spy thriller Double.

The new film will mark the directorial debut of Michael Brandt, who wrote the likes of Wanted and the remake of 3:10 To Yuma with scribbling partner Derek Haas.

Brandt and Haas have collaborated on the script for Double, which finds a US senator murdered by a Russian assassin believed long dead. To track this revived threat, the CIA recalls a retired agent (Gere) and sticks him with a young pup new partner (Grace). Sparks – and, we assume, bullets – soon fly.

While Brandt is apparently aiming for something along the lines of ‘70s thrillers The Conversation or Three Days Of The Condor, we’ve got to admit it sounds a little been-there-done-that in its story of mismatched partners and Cold War enemies heating back up.

Still, we’ll given them the benefit of the doubt until we see the final product, which starts shooting in June.

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