Richard E Grant Is A Sinister Author With A Secret In Thriller The Lesson – Watch The Trailer

The Lesson

by Ben Travis |
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If you’re cooking up a character-driven thriller, the most important thing you need is a cast of compelling actors to draw people in. And the makers of upcoming thriller The Lesson seem to know exactly that. The way into the story – of authors, betrayal, secrets, and really ridiculously nice-looking houses – comes courtesy of Daryl McCormack, so engaging in Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, as ambitious writer Liam. Adding to the mystery is the ever-great Julie Delpy (of the Before trilogy fame). And at the centre of the drama is none other than Richard E. Grant, exuding sinister vibes as acclaimed author J.M. Sinclair, whose writing retreat doesn’t look like the welcoming creative zone you’d probably hope for. Check out the trailer:

It’s always a joy seeing Richard E. Grant tear it up on screen (especially when he gets to lean towards villain mode), and seeing him go toe-to-toe with Delpy and McCormack looks set to be a real treat. And the plot for this one looks mightily intriguing, with mysteries to unfurl, character dynamics to relish, and ink to splatter. Here’s the official synopsis: “Liam, an aspiring and ambitious young writer, eagerly accepts a tutoring position at the family estate of his idol, renowned author J.M. Sinclair. But soon, Liam realises that he is ensnared in a web of family secrets, resentment, and retribution. Sinclair, his wife Hélène, and their son Bertie all guard a dark past, one that threatens Liam’s future as well as their own. As the lines between master and protégé blur, class, ambition, and betrayal become a dangerous combination in this taut noir thriller.”

The film is directed by Alice Troughton in her feature debut, and written by Alex MacKeith. Find out if ink runs thicker than blood when The Lesson hits UK cinemas on 22 September.

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